Seasonal Interests

So many seasonal favorites!


What are your seasonal interests, spring, summer, fall or winter?  


     With each season, 365 1/4 days of the year, Birdsong Pleasure Garden is lovely and growing.


     In March, we await the early bloomers such as eranthis, cornus mas, hellebores, and crocus.  And the return of migrating birds.


     By April, the perennial beds are covered with bursts of flowering bulbs.  The fruit trees are blooming and ready to be pollinated.  The fragrance of spring fills the air,  and birds are busy preparing their nests.


     May and June are a parade of every color of the spectrum; the greenest greens abound, and each flower draws your attention.


     Summer settles back into a regular rhythm of warm season blooms.  The vegetable garden is booming.   Summer is a time of continual garden maintenance and harvesting.   Bees, butterflies, birds, and other critters are found enjoying the garden, as well.


     Fall's color palette is gorgeous with deep reds, bright yellows, warm greens and browns that cover the landscape in every direction.


     Winter is a time of rest for the plants, and for us, and an opportunity to see the hundreds of birds at the feeders.




  Always something of splendor!




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