Our Named Garden Areas 






























The Herb Garden

This garden is placed near the house for use as culinary additions and medicinal purposes.   The garden includes a fountain, an armillary sphere, and is laid out in triangular quadrants that are bordered with paths and shrubs.  


The handmade pavers are reclaimed from a historic home in Luray.


The Water Gardens

As well as adding visual beauty and relaxing water sounds, our water features support the indigenous wildlife in our neighborhood.  


They are a haven for the goldfish, dragonflies, snales, damselflies, frogs, toads, turtles, snakes and birds; aiding in wildlife propagation.





















The Veggie Garden

There are few things that are as satisfying to a home gardener, than to wander out to the vegetable garden to harvest, prepare and consume the fruits and veggies of their labor.


Successful vegetable gardening involves planning the garden, preparing the soil, and planting.       We will be glad to share our knowledge with you.




























The Bonsai and Shade Gardens

Our Bonsai Garden is influenced by the Japanese traditions of the beauty of nature.   The elements of water, rock and vegetation give this place the sense

of peacefulness. 


The potted Bonsai create a minaturized, but realistic representation of nature in the form of a tree.


The Shade Garden contains a variety of green and colorful woodland plants; there are small shrubs, trees, ground covers, mosses, unusual ferns, hellebores,

and a small fish pond.


The Orchard & Native Perennial Garden

This apple and peach orchard provides a small amount of fruit for us.  We also have another area of plums and pears.  The Orchard & Native Perennial Garden is mostly a native plant habitat for insect species that live in this cultured landscaped area.






























The Hydrangea Walk

All eight types of hydrangeas can be found throughout our gardens; bigleaf, lacecap, mountain, smooth, panicle, oakleaf, peegee and climbing.   This walk is especially planted with hydrangeas that flourish in sun and shade.


We also have a few of the more unusual cultivars of hydrangeas - 'Invincibelle', 'Pinky-winky', 'Fire light', 'Strawberry Sundae', and more.


































Our Unique Evergreens

Our evergreen trees are distinguished from the popular evergreen trees that normally adorn the landscape.   


They are a collection of rare and unusual evergreens... Varigated White Pine, Contorted Pine, Silver Fir, Cedars, Sequoias and Cypress grace the evergreen forested area.  They are a true delight to many of our visitors.


The Alle'e

Unlike the Alle'es or avenues used as a straight route with a symmetrical line of identical trees,  our Alle'e is interplanted with a variety of unique trees and shrubs that extend along each side of the curved grassy pathway.  


The Hemerocallis & Native Garden

Hemerocallis, or Daylilies, are native to Asia, but do provide some nectar during the hot months of June and July.  The are planted throughout our Gardens.


The Native Garden shares this area with the daylilies.  There are many and various Natives that bloom throughout the season.  There are also Natives planted throughout the other Garden areas.


The East Glade

This landscaped garden area provides year round habitat for wildlife that includes songbirds, small mammals, and beneficial insects.   It is evolving from what was once partially a meadow, into now, a wooded area.  It is also a transition zone between the other garden areas.


























The Cutting Garden

Because this is a production garden, 'design correctness' is not always followed.  


This area is filled with showy flowers, natives  and foliage that bloom throughout the seasons. This is an area for experimenting with new plants and colors.


Perennials, annuals, bulbs and foliage plants fill this area with with their seasonal delights.  Yarrow, aster, coreopsis, iris, lilies, phlox, peony, rudebeckia, sage, veronica, alliums, daffodils, gladiolus, tulips, euphorbia, heuchera, hosta, lavender, celosia, roses, centaurea, zinnia, salvia and more adorn this area.


































The South Garden & Native Trail

This southern area of Birdsong Pleasure Garden runs the east to west width of the property and exhibits many of the sun-loving plants such as magnolias, buckeyes, ginkgos, holly, spirea, pines, poppies, and a much loved Franklinia.


The grassy and moss covered walkways curve through the shade of overhanging trees, Virginia native species, a fun climbing tree, unusual sculptures and seasonal flowers.


The North Lawn

The English Pleasure Garden presented an idealized view of nature.  This  usually included a picturesque lake, sweeps of gently rolling lawns, and handsome groves of trees; which were all designed for the idyllic promenade

for the visitors who walked its grounds.


Our North Lawn provides our visitors with a chance to promenade, as well. 


The lawn area is designed with flowing borders that naturally integrate and harmonize with the surrounding garden areas of the property and house.   The North Lawn is also the focal point for afternoon teas, meetings, club socials, picnics and weddings.   

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