Garden Guide 


Your guided garden tour, which is given at your pace, usually takes about an hour

and a half.   If you are a garden enthusist, this time could certainly be longer.


You are welcome and encourage you to ask as many questions about the plants and landscaping as you would like. 


You are welcomed to take photographs.  Although, if you use the photographs for monetary gain we would like you to note the photo was taken at Birdsong Pleasure Garden.


Many of the garden areas are in shade, as well as sun.  The terrain is flat as well as gently sloping.  The pathways are grass, mulched and brick.  All the pathways are maintained for your safety and comfort.


Wheelchairs are welcome, although, not all wheelchairs will fit on all the paths.


The drawing, above, gives you an idea of most of the garden areas you will see during your garden tour.   



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