About us...and the gardens

     When we purchased our land, much of it was an unadorned, empty lawn with

a small apple, peach, and pear orchard.    Over many years of designing,  planting,

and  maintenance,  we consider our beautiful land a park,  an animal habitat,  a bird santuary,   a Pleasure Garden.


     Like the Pleasure Gardens of England's 18th and 19th century,  conversational areas are nestled into the garden, or under arbors, and are designed to allow the

visitor an opportunity to rest and contemplate nature's wonders.  


     Also like the Pleasure Gardens of old, we will stroll with you,  at your leisure,  

over the many broad garden and woodland paths.   Landscaped areas, mountain 

vistas and unique plantings,  are woven together over the gentle terrain.  


     Among our favorite garden areas are the perennial gardens, veggie garden, and orchards.     We also enjoy the herb garden, an allee', a bonsai garden, evergreen tree display,  hemerocallis gardens,  ponds, and  cooling water features.  


     As our guest, we hope you relax, listen to the birds, enjoy the plants, and take home ideas you can use in your garden.  

       Pleasure Gardens were the amusement parks of Georgian England, during the 18th and     19th centuries, allowing visitors  a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of city life while offering them a variety of picturesque gardens, strolling paths, musical concerts, al fresco dining, waterfalls, fountain displays, dancing,  and  even firework shows.  


There existed an attraction for almost everyone of every taste, not least important among them being the chance to see and be seen by members of London high society.

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