Gardener's VIP Tour

  Experience the Magic of the Creative Elements at

Birdsong Pleasure Garden with our Gardener's VIP Tour! 


This Special-Edition Garden Tour gives you an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at the Gardens here at Birdsong Pleasure Garden and the creative energies that made them.   


Your Personally Guided Tour will explore almost every inch of the gardens starting with a personal greeting from garden founders and Master Gardeners - Lesley or Tom Mack. 


You may choose to focus on your "favorite" aspects of Gardens, or absorb all those gardening techniques that make this garden so unique. 


Admission cost for this tour is $15.00, and includes:

  • A 11/2 -21/2 hour, private, guided behind-the-scenes garden tour.                                    
  • This tour includes the content of our Classic Garden Tour, plus special treats.                                                                                                              
  • An opportunity to learn  "gardening secrets" from the Master Gardeners and
    Creators of this fascinating natural garden.       
  • The opportunity to purchase perennial plants or receive free seeds!  
  • Please call or email to make your appointment for this tour.                                       
  • 540-743-9389


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