Photography Sessions & Guidelines


Birdsong Pleasure Garden Welcomes and

Values Your Appreciation of the Gardens and

Desire to Photograph your Special Event here.



~ We encourage our Visitors to take casual photographs and videos of their visit.

~ For commercial use, all photographs taked at Birdsong Pleasure Garden must     be labeled, credited and referred to in any and all credits of the photographer.

~ Large scale commercial filming and photography will require advanced                 written permission.


Please request a photographer's permission form, that must be filled out,

prior to ANY professional filming or photography date. 

The permission form will be kept on file.


The following Guidelines & Requests need to be followed while

photographing in the Garden:


  • Portrait, Family, Wedding, Engagement, and other photography is treated similarly to a Garden Tour - participants are charged per person for 1.5 hours.  A further donation is needed if more than 1.5 hours.
  • Participants may schedule a Guided Garden Tour, by scheduling another date and time.
  • Birdsong Pleasure Garden will not sign general releases giving blanket permission for stock agencies to use photos taken at Birdsong Pleasure Garden.
  • Should your photos be used in any publication, credit must be given to Birdsong Pleasure Garden as the location.
  • Use of identifiable images of the private home at Birdsong Pleasure Garden is strictly prohibited.
  • Tripods or other photography support are set-up on lawns or on hardscapes, not in the Garden beds.
  • Large heavy photography equipment, that would damage the lawn, is prohibited.
  • All Visitor behavior (anything borken, loud noises, stealing, trash, dog poop) is the responsibility of the photographer, the photographer's help, the filming crew, or dog owner.
  • Follow the requests of all Birdsong Pleasure Garden workers, and respect other Visitors to the Garden.
  • You may bring your own flowers.
  • Do not pick any of the plants, flowers, trees, or shrubs.  
  • Do not step on the plant, or in the flower beds to "get the shot".
  • No Smoking or vaping.
  • No Spraying of insecticides on any of the "critters" that live here.
  • No killing, stepping on, squishing, or hurting any of the insects, butterflies, birds, snakes, or "critters" that live here.


*** The Photographer is responsible for their guests in the Garden. ***






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