Classic Garden Tour

         Join us for a unique look at Birdsong Pleasure Gardens!


This tour will be a 1-11/2  hour, moderate walking tour. 


There is so much we can share with you, so this tour will cover a lot of ground. 


              * Be prepared with walking shoes, comfortable clothes, sun hat,

                 bug spray, and your camera!     

              * Reservations can also be taken for a picnic table, or picnic area

                 before or after you tour.


Admission for this tour is $8.00, and includes:

  • A moderate walking tour, personally led by myself or my husband.                             
  • Opportunities to see the highlights of the Garden including:                                      Organic Vegetable Garden & Composting, Bonsai & Shade gardens, Various Ponds, Unique evergreens & Alle'e, Native, Cutting, and Herb Gardens,                                                                         
  • And a chance to see & hear our fine feathered bird friends!                                                                                                     
  • You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions.                                                                         
  • Please call or email to make your appointment for this tour.
  • 540-743-9389




                             We love groups of one, two, three, or bus loads of visitors!



          We enjoy teaching folks of all ages!  There is always something magical to see.



                 There is always something that you may have never seen before!



        Bring your club, business, family, friends...we will taylor your tour to your needs.

                                  Bring your picnic to enjoy after your tour.


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