Choose the Garden Tour that works for you!


At Birdsong Pleasure Garden, you will receive a professional and personalized garden tour that suits your gardening interests, by appointment.


Whatever your interest in gardens and gardening are, we can help you understand gardening basics or inspire you to make the 'garden of your dreams'.     


You may choose either our  Classic Garden Tour  or  Gardener's VIP Garden Tour 


Depending on the tour you choose, we will discuss information on planting and growing home gardens, choosing plants, soil testing, pruning, deadheading and care of your plants. 


We can offer tips on home orchards, veggie gardens, native plants, herbs and more.  


With either tour, we hope to give you ideas, plans and inspiration to create the garden you have always wanted. 


Please check our FAQ page for questions/answers about: 

*Kid's programs,


*Wheelchair Accessibility,


*Dogs and more.


Touring Hours, by appointment


April - October - Monday-Saturday, 10 am to 5pm;  Sunday 11am-5pm.


November - March - Monday-Sunday, 11 am to 4 pm

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