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  • Christine Andreae (Sunday, February 11 24 03:06 pm EST)

    Dear Tom and Lesley,
    This is a big THANK YOU from all the Alliance board & staff for your most generous gift of 2023. You not only help keep us in business- your energy and commitment to conserving and protecting our environment is an inspiration to us all. It's really wonderful to know that your creative garden is helping to keep the Valley at large green and healthy.
    With admiration & gratitude, Christine Andreae

  • Amber & Dylan (Friday, November 24 23 11:14 am EST)

    Harvest Hosts Guests -
    We are so thankful and appreciative that you shared your land with us so last minute. It was such a peaceful place to rest our heads. We hope to return when everything is in full bloom.
    You are doing such a beautiful thing by preserving this land. We'll make sure to mention you to anyone heading this way. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

  • Buddy M. (Thursday, November 16 23 10:23 am EST)

    Hi Lesley,

    You have received a new review from a Harvest Hosts member!

    Wow what an awesome tour and stay. The spot was level with a beautiful view. The tour was beautiful and Tom was very informative and he and Leslie were very friendly. We highly recomend both the and over night stay.

    - Herman “Buddy” M

  • Del Price (Saturday, November 04 23 03:07 pm EDT)

    star star star star star
    Provided educational info on photosynthesis with other community types for 3 busloads of local elementary youth. YEAH

  • Amy Lynn (Monday, October 23 23 11:34 am EDT)

    This property is loved & cultivated by amazing environmental advocates. The gardens they’ve created from scratch since 1992 are impressive, unique & absolutely beautiful and are home to a high percentage of native species. Tom’s knowledge & enthusiasm combined with Lesley’s creative & modern style have created the perfect place to find peace, joy & beauty off the beaten path. Even in October. Such a gem! Lovely locals. Former educators. Being an educator myself, I felt transported into their 3rd & 4th grade classrooms. Lucky students. I could imagine being a student benefitting from their experiential teaching. I hope their incredible legacy lives on! I look forward to going back in the spring. Their fees go to local conservation & historical land preservation nonprofits! GO! You won’t regret it! Thank you Tom & Lesley!

  • Christine (Monday, October 09 23 11:39 am EDT)

    Thank you so much for the beautiful tour. We are so inspired by all the work you have done.
    Christine and Connie
    Harvest Hosts RVers

  • Anita Ostrander (Sunday, October 01 23 03:31 pm EDT)

    Dear Lesley,
    Thank you for such a wonderful presentation on Bonsai, plus all the extra work it took to create the presentation. Yes, I would be interested in keeping up with how our Bonsai plant is doing! Your transformation of your land into such a beautiful garden always amazes me. All of our members who attended had a wonderful time!
    Anita Ostrander
    Pres, RCGC

  • Rappahannock Co. Garden Club (Thursday, September 21 23 12:16 pm EDT)

    Hi Lesley,
    On behalf of the RCGC, I want to thank you for such a lovely afternoon! We learned a lot about bonsai or …bone sigh…I should say, and we were able to enjoy your beautiful gardens on a lovely fall day without high humidity or heat! Very lucky in that regard. Thanks so much for showing us around, and giving such an excellent presentation.
    Best regards,
    Rappahannock County Garden Club

  • Chris Anderson and the Alliance for the Shenandoah Staff (Monday, September 18 23 11:58 am EDT)

    Dear Tom and Lesley,
    Thank you all for everything that you do to support the work at the Alliance. We really appreciate it.

  • Ari Mack (Sunday, August 27 23 01:33 pm EDT)

    by Ari Mack
    star star star star star

  • Sarah Snader (Thursday, August 17 23 06:04 pm EDT)

    Sarah Snader
    1 review
    2 days ago NEW

    We had a wonderful tour at the Birdsong Pleasure Garden!
    Tom showed us around the beautiful gardens for 2 many different plants!
    It was a bit buggy, but they had bug spray to use. I would suggest wearing a hat and lightweight long sleeves on hot summer days.

  • Joan Eberly (Monday, July 31 23 01:34 pm EDT)

    Hi Lesley,

    Thanks so much for sending us these pictures!

    Donna and I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed seeing your lovely gardens and learning from you. I'm wondering if you could please take a moment to list the amendments you recommended. I remember the bonemeal, maybe worm casings?, not sure what else. I'm sorry we didn't take notes that day.

    We hope to return in another season, and maybe meet Tom next time.


  • Lisa Jacobson & Diane (Thursday, July 20 23 07:43 pm EDT)

    "Better than Longwood Gardens". Intimate, well taken care of...a joy for nature.

  • Peggy DiVincenzo (Thursday, July 20 23 04:37 pm EDT)

    Dear Lesley and Tom,
    Thanks, and we all thoroughly enjoyed your property, and above all, yours and Tom's efforts for our precious Earth.

  • Doug and Cecelia Kramer (Sunday, July 02 23 02:38 pm EDT)

    ​Dear Lesley and Tom,
    We just wanted to thank you so much for the local recommendations, we enjoyed the garden tour and the talk about historic houses in Page county both and wouldn't have known about either without you alerting us to them.

    Doug and Cecelia Kramer

  • Jacki Finzel (Thursday, June 29 23 06:55 pm EDT)

    Really enjoyed your spring garden, just as magnificent as the fall.
    I had fun introducing my gardener friend to your garden. She was just as impressed and amazed as I was.
    Having a garden of my own I know the work, and love, and more work that goes into creating such a special place.

  • Shirley Wigton (Sunday, June 25 23 03:54 pm EDT)

    To the Macks and the Hill & Valley Garden Club,
    Thank you so much for the gift certificate that I won. I enjoyed my visit to Birdsong Pleasure Garden and the Club's "Garden Lover's Day, open house" It was lots of fun.
    Thanks also to Tom who sent me home with a cabbage from his garden, after something ate everyone of my plants. It was so delicious!
    I'm looking forward to coming again next year!

  • Thomas Williams (Sunday, June 25 23 03:34 pm EDT)

    This is a beautiful garden which far exceeded my expectations. The owners are also lovely. It would be hard to find a better Luray area activity. They will even welcome your dogs and help set up a picnic!

  • Mason Whitehead (Wednesday, June 14 23 09:55 pm EDT)

    Thank you for fitting-in a last-minute tour for our family last week!
    We enjoyed visiting your beautiful garden!
    Thank you,

  • Jack Klinger (Wednesday, June 14 23 09:53 pm EDT)

    Thank you for the tour!!!
    It was a highlight of the trip!

  • Linda Stribling (Friday, June 02 23 07:49 pm EDT)


    A very beautiful place with a couple who are so knowledgeable, hardworking and hospitable. So much to see!

  • Liz Monseur Nuckles (Friday, June 02 23 07:46 pm EDT)

    Thank you, Lesley and Tom for your gracious hospitality. Your knowledge and the work you all have put into these gardens is beyond belief! I am still in awe of the variety and incredible vitality of the trees, shrubs and flowers! No wonder the birds sing so loudly.

  • Kathy (Friday, May 26 23 10:40 am EDT)

    I can’t get over how your land has gone from being treeless and flowerless in 30 years!

    Even me as a gardener, can only fathom how much work you have done!

    Plus sprinkling in the artistic touches. Wow!

  • Trowel Garden Club (Sunday, May 21 23 07:23 pm EDT)

    Dear Lesley and Tom,
    Again, many thanks for sharing your beautiful gardens with us last week.
    All the best,
    Trowel Garden Club

  • Terri Denton (Sunday, May 21 23 07:20 pm EDT)

    Dear Macks,
    On behalf of the Spotswood Garden Club, I'd like to express how much we all enjoyed the wonderful tour and garden.

    So very beautiful. We enjoyed meeting Moon. Thank you for taking pictures.

    I've shared already, five of the post cards to suggest others to visit Birdsong in Luray.

    Many thanks,

  • Mary Lowery (Sunday, May 21 23 07:15 pm EDT)

    Dear Lesley,
    Our visit to your Birdsong Pleasure Garden was unmistakably our best excursion in any venue in an indeterminate number of years.

    Your "garden" was eloquent of the harvest of your 30 year efforts. Native plants tinged your garden down to the furthest reach of the soil; our eyes only saw color - our ears only heard the music of bird songs.

    We easily adjusted to every path in Lea's rollater.

    The few grass spots and well-mulched paths were freshened by past showers of rain. The little "crick" ran smooth and shining as a river in a dream. We had a splendid time in your gardens bounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains.

    We appreciate the loving work you clearly expanded to create a native garden with emerald plants and trees permeated by the fragrance of spring blossoms.

    Everything was graceful - and innocent. Thanks for sharing you life with us.
    Simply, Mary and Lea

  • Bill (w. Madlyn) Bynum (Tuesday, May 16 23 02:58 pm EDT)

    Hi Lesley,
    What a wonderful time we had meeting you and touring your gardens and arboretum!

    The beauty and diversity you have created bringing things in pots into the pasture land is gratifying.

    Thank you for the deluxe tour!

  • Kate Wofford (Friday, May 12 23 04:43 pm EDT)

    Lesley and Tom--

    Wow. Thank you for being such wonderful hosts and tour guides on Sunday.

    Everyone that attended learned a few new things, thoroughly enjoyed the tour, and strengthened their ties to Alliance for the Shenandoah Valley.

    We are grateful!
    Many thanks for everything!

    Kate Wofford
    Executive Director

    Alliance for the Shenandoah Valley
    PO Box 674
    New Market VA 22844

  • Doris Deavor (Friday, May 12 23 04:35 pm EDT)

    Lovely tour today, thank you.

    Maureen and I were both amazed at your beautiful creation, we were amazed and in awe.

    Our lunch at the deli was delicious, and we found the greenhouses. Another jewel for the day.

    The oregano made it in the ground on Saturday before the sun set. It will be a special remembrance of your magical garden!

    Thank you,

  • Bonnie Little (Friday, May 12 23 04:29 pm EDT)

    Good morning, Lesley,

    On behalf of Trowel Garden Club, I want to thank you for a most enjoyable tour of your gardens.

    You and Tom have done an amazing job with the property.

    We will share our experience with other clubs.

    Also, restaurant was perfect. Tell Tom thank you for the recommendation.

    Again, many thanks.


  • Doris Deavor (Saturday, April 29 23 05:25 pm EDT)

    Lovely tour today, thank you.

    Maureen and I were both amazed at your beautiful creation, we were amazed and in awe.

    Our lunch at Market Street Deli was delicious, and we found the greenhouses.

    Another jewel for the day.

  • Rod Shepherd, Photographer, Mt. Jackson, Va. (Tuesday, April 25 23 12:07 pm EDT)

    Dear Lesley and Tom,
    Thank you for my private tour at Birdsong, yesterday.

    Impressed by all the hard work over the decades.

  • Matthew Triolo (Sunday, April 23 23 12:08 pm EDT)

    5 Star Review!
    Matthew Triolo

  • Annette (Tuesday, April 18 23 09:57 am EDT)

    Pleasant garden tour through shade and herb, cutting, and evergreen gardens.

    Many things to see that interested me and my children from frogs in a pond, beautifully colored plants, and giant twisting trees.

    Every turn has something beautiful to see or smell, and hidden wonders are everywhere to be found. Lesley is very knowledgeable and generous with sharing all the details about her gardens.

    She lovingly tends to her gardens, and it shows in the way plants and trees are allowed to grow naturally and freely under the mountain sun.

    There are even homes made for nature's pollinators! Bunnies and birds also enjoy the gardens and frequently cross your path along the tour.

    If you share a love of flowers, gardening, and nature, be sure to check out Birdsong Pleasure Gardens.

  • Ben Woods (Tuesday, April 18 23 09:54 am EDT)

    Ben Woods


  • Eileen Chmielewski (Monday, March 20 23 05:07 pm EDT)

    5 STAR REVIEW!!!

  • Dominion Valley Garden Club (Wednesday, February 01 23 03:00 pm EST)

    Dear Lesley,
    Thank you so much for the Zoom presentation to our Dominion Valley Garden Club on Tuesday, January, 10th, 2023.
    All of our members enjoyed your presentation, especially showing us month by month what is blooming in your various gardens. You made everyone feel comfortable to as questions, too.
    We all truly appreciated your time, sharing your history with us and all your knowledge! Most sincerely Cecelia Breazeale, Vice President

  • Luray-Page Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center (Wednesday, February 01 23 12:49 pm EST)

    Dear Lesley and Tom,
    Thank you for hosting Business After Hours. We so appreciate it. Everyone was lovely. The food was wonderful! It was a great turn-out and the guests enjoyed your beautiful grounds and amazing flowers.
    Lesley and Tom you are both such wonderful people and what you both have done with Birdsong Pleasure Garden is nothing short of amazing. Thank you so much.

  • The Waynesboro Garden Club (Wednesday, February 01 23 12:47 pm EST)

    Dear Lesley and Tom,
    What a treat to walk with you through your beautiful garden! It was just the perfect day of touring and luncheoning under the tree while enjoying your flowers. All the ladies were delighted with the experience you so graciously provided us! Thank You!

  • Greenvale Garden Club Ladies (Wednesday, February 01 23 12:44 pm EST)

    Tom and Lesley,
    Our garden club, Greenvale Garden Club, truly enjoyed touring your gardens. Thank you for being so hospitable and willing to share your knowledge and time. We are very grateful.

  • Missy Groppel (Friday, November 04 22 12:16 pm EDT)

    Lesley and Tom,
    Thank you for the lovely tour and hospitality of your wonderful home's Birdsong Pleasure Garden!
    I was so glad I joined the band of DAR ladies from our Massanutten Chapter last Tuesday!
    The lovely lunch spot with stunning centerpiece was "icing on the cake" of a delightful sojourn in "your nature". Regards, Missy

  • Chris (Sunday, October 30 22 01:36 pm EDT)

    Dear Tom and Lesley,
    I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful fall and I'm sure you're getting your gardens ready for winter. It was wonderful coming out for the Chamber Business After Hours at Birdsong Pleasure Garden- thank you for hosting!
    Alliance for the Shenandoah Valley

  • Mel Lewis (Sunday, October 30 22 01:33 pm EDT)

    Thank you so much for your spontaneous spirit and for your willingness to share those beautiful gardens that you and Tom have loved and cultivated. It was such a gift to us!
    We planted the seeds that you gave us and look forward to seeing things grow. Truly a VIP walk through your gardens for us both.
    Thank you again for a lovely time.
    Rich and Mel

  • Devynn Breen (Wednesday, October 12 22 11:15 am EDT)

    Devynn Breen
    starstarstarstarstar 2 days ago
    If you’re in or traveling through Luray, VA, I highly recommend visiting!

    Lesley gave us a great tour of the gardens her and her husband Tom have been working on for 30+ years and it was beautiful!

    They had pictures up to show the transformation of the property which was really cool to see. We got to smell all the herbs and fragrant plants, I got some seeds to take home for my own garden, and even some lemon type leaf to make essential oils from! It was such a pleasure to spend some time here and Lesley and Tom were absolutely wonderful hosts!

  • J Becky (Sunday, October 02 22 03:45 pm EDT)

    Reviewed by Jbeckyp

    Must do when in Luray, VA.

    What a fun and magical place!
    The owners greet you and walk you around their beautiful grounds! What a treat! From a meditation garden, to beautiful views and amazing plants and flowers, this place is a gem! Even if you don’t know about flowers/different types of flowers and trees, this is a must-do! Unique experience that you will enjoy! 🌺 You Will even find out fun info about bees!

  • RC Cassidy (Sunday, October 02 22 03:41 pm EDT)

    Reviewed by Rccassidy
    Apr 17, 2022
    Stunning private gardens!!

    We cannot rave enough about these gardens and their charming stewards.

    Leslie and Tom have spent 30 years developing their 3 acres into the beautiful, bountiful, lush paradise it is today. It is available to visit by appointment only as well as for events.

    All fees collected are donated to VA Land Conservancy. Absolutely worth the visit.

  • Gary (Sunday, October 02 22 03:36 pm EDT)

    Great 2 Hour Tour of Home Gardens

    Leslie & Tom were a pleasure to meet. They share their home gardens and present a 2 hour walking tour. They share a wealth of knowledge about organic gardening and forestry. Leslie has quite a sense of humor and made the tour great fun and interesting.

  • Krystal (Sunday, September 11 22 01:12 pm EDT)

    I really love ur garden and you were so sweet. I appreciate the personal touches of the experience. I will definitely be back in the future.

  • Isabel Graves (Sunday, September 11 22 01:00 pm EDT)

    Thank you dear Lesley! You are so sweet, and your garden so inspiring and good for the soul!

  • Rema Vijayan (Sunday, September 04 22 03:57 pm EDT)

    Rema Vijayan
    September 4 at 1:34 AM

    Wow what a beautiful place.

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