Educational Workshops                     

 -A Garden is a Home -
      Learn how to create any sized garden that can be of benefit to native species.        
      Instruction includes: soil preparation, plant selection, organic fertilization, mulching 
      practices, weed and plant maintenance.
      Participants receive pollinator friendly seeds and informational handouts.
      Participants are welcomed to picnic after their workshop.
      $30.00 per person
      Please call or email for an appointment.  
 -Wreath Making -
       Workshop Details:   This is a hands on workshop.
       All supplies/materials are included in the cost of the workshop. 
       Workshop includes:
       Wire ring, a mixture of seasonal greens, ornaments and ribbon. 
       This wreath will last beautifully throughout the holiday season.
       A complimentary hot drink served during the event.
       Workshop fee is $65.     Dates available November-December, 2022
       Please call or email for an appointment.
                       ~ VOLUNTEER GARDEN HOURS ~
                             Would you like to learn more about gardening
                                     by getting your hands in the dirt? 
                                             So many people would.
Our volunteers said that the mental benefits of volunteering range from a general sense of "feeling good" as a result of working in the garden, to a more complex sense of  "self-therapy" as they promote their health and well-being.
  • Hours are earned by volunteering your time working in the garden.
  • Any amount of time volunteering is acceptable.
  • Hours can be used to pay for workshop/class fees or particular events.
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