The garden is a delight 365 1/4 days a year!


The COVID-19 virus has changed the way we go about our daily routines with the people we love, know and work with.   We hope you are staying safe.


The Garden remains constant, which helps us stay constant in our love for it and our hopes for the future. 


We are seeing our winter birds return...what joy!  Among them are:

Dark-eyed Junco                                      Downy Woodpecker  

Goldfinch                                                  Song Sparrow

White-throated Sparrow                         Northern Mockingbird

Cardinals                                                  White-breasted Nuthatch

Carolina Wren                                          Eastern Bluebird

Mourning Dove                                         White-throated Sparrow

Carolina Chickadee                                  House Finch

Blue Jay                                                      Hawks and Eagles.

Tufted Titmouse 


Red-bellied Woodpecker


Juncos, finches, sparrows, doves, cardinals and blue jays are ground-feeders and nearly always nest in or around dense bushes. Nuthatches prefer the sanctuary of trees, where they nest and feed on tree seeds and insects found on and under bark. 


With a little planning, you can keep winter birds healthy and happy by creating a habitat that provides them with a few basic needs—food, water, shelter, and a safe place to raise a family come spring.   


Designing a landscape with a multi-layered canopy of evergreen and deciduous plants accommodates the preferences of different birds with everything they need. 


As you continue to enjoy your garden this season, please take a moment to watch this video about neonicotinoids. 


"One seed coated with neonicotinoid pesticides is enough to kill a songbird like Blue Grossbeak.  Avoiding these and other pesticides in your home and garden can make a difference."

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—Albert Laighton, “In the Woods”

The garden's structure, is always so lovely.

Each season is a treasure.

 Our beautiful adopted                      girls!

       Moon and Luna  

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